Are you a tour operator who is still using pen and paper to book reservations? If so, you're likely missing out on a lot of business. Today, more and more people are booking reservations online. People do this for convenience and ease.

In fact, a study shows that after gathering information on their smartphones, 79 percent of travelers who use a smartphone make a booking.

TicketingHub Event Management Software

TicketingHub lets you manage sales and ease the ticketing process.

TicketingHub is an online event ticketing software designed for every tour operator to sell tickets and manage online events seamlessly.

From virtual events to hybrid events, free event registration events, campus and sporting events, multi-day tours, and in-person events. TicketingHub online ticketing system has it all for you.

Why Event Organisers Choose TicketingHub

More tickets and ticket buyers with TicketingHub. Highly recommended by clients.

Event organizers love TicketingHub because of its lightweight and customizable booking widget, top-notch customer service, and super fast integration. Not to mention, automation tools to streamline operations and boost online ticket sales.

Read Here: Lions Water Adventure Park Earning More Than 400% Profit Growth in a Year Integrating TicketingHub
"Overall profits in the year 2021 came to $260,000, a stark contrast compared to 2020’s $50,000 with a nearly 40% increase from 2019’s overall totals. This increase came largely from ticket sales. More people came to the park this year than in 2019, many of whom were out-of-state visitors. This info came from data gained by using TicketingHub, which made the ability to cater to parkgoers more efficient and helped with providing more detailed data on customers compared to previous years." -The Free Press,

Top 10 TicketingHub Alternatives

The TicketingHub event technology platform is not the only booking system for managing online bookings. So here, we have gathered the market's best alternatives that help you sell tickets and ease event registration.

Here are 10 TicketingHub alternatives for event ticketing platforms:

1. FareHarbor

FareHarbor Alternative to TicketingHub

FareHarbor is a tour and activity booking solution that is cloud-based, allowing tour operators to manage their day-to-day company operations.

It provides online booking and payment gateways, as well as integration with user websites. It is intended for use on both desktop and mobile platforms.

FareHarbor offers:

  • Provide an online booking and payment gateway for customers
  • Integrate with customer websites
  • Operate on both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Cloud-based, allowing for tour operators to manage their company operations

2. Checkfront

Checkfront | TicketingHub Alternatives

Checkfront was introduced to the market in 2009 with the goal of seamlessly integrating services and websites, managing events, and making reservations, booking, and payment processing simple jobs for online purchasers.

Checkfront is a cloud-based booking and customer management platform that includes a slew of features and integration capabilities to make booking and reservations as simple and quick as possible.

Furthermore, the ticketing system supports payment processing and ensures that consumers receive the required analytics to correctly use their data.

Checkfront offers:

  • Cloud-based booking and customer management platform
  • Seamless integration with websites and other services
  • Manage events and sell tickets with its robust features and capabilities for quick, easy reservations
  • Payment processing to ensure secure transactions
  • Analytics to help customers make better decisions

3. Peek Pro

Peek Pro | TicketingHub Alternatives

Peek Pro is a cloud-based ticketing platform for all sizes of tour and activity businesses.

The program assists activity operators by offering an online booking management engine for their websites and centrally managing online, offline, and third-party bookings.

Users may also build customized reports, check website statistics, manage referral channels, and do other things with one platform.

Peek Pro supports walk-ins, up-selling and cross-selling items, and add-ons. Seats and equipment are automatically assigned at the time of booking.

The program also offers real-time synchronization, which aids customers in managing overbooking and cancellations.

Peek Pro offers:

  • Manage all sales channels in one place
  • Automatically assign seats and equipment
  • Customizable reports to help run your business more efficiently
  • Support for walk-ins, upselling, and cross-selling

4. TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft | TicketingHub Alternatives

TrekkSoft's booking software allows you to create your own branded website where you may describe your items, post live inventories, advertise your products, provide discounts, and receive payments.

In addition, TrekkSoft gives end-users, agents, and employees mobile access to live booking information at all times. Through an integrated widget, the booking software interfaces with your present website.

TrekkSoft offers:

  • Easily create your own branded online booking site
  • Post live inventories, advertise products and receive payments
  • Enable end-users, agents, and employees to access live booking information on the go
  • Integrated widget interfaces with your present website

5. Orioly

Orioly | Alternatives to TicketingHub

Orioly is a booking management solution that allows tour operators to manage personnel, customers, income streams, commissions, pricing, inventory, resellers, items, and more on a single platform.

Organizers may add new activities, update existing ones, attach documents, offer group discounts, and charge fees for recurrent, private, and multi-day trips.

Operators may use Orioly to translate booking offers into several languages based on the needs of passengers, set up commission rates for resellers, and manage activity availability on a single dashboard.

Managers may use data visualization and built-in analytics to assign vehicles, guides, and other equipment among tasks and receive insights into revenue, departures, customer attendance, and transactions.

Tour operators can also keep contacts in a customer relationship management (CRM) system that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Orioly offers:

  • Get a single platform to manage all tour operations
  • Attach documents and photos to activities for customer reference
  • Offer group discounts on trips and activities
  • Manage activity availability and pricing in real-time
  • Translate booking offers into different languages

6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite | Alternatives to TicketingHub

Eventbrite is a website for event organizing and ticketing. Users may utilize the service to create, view, and promote local events. Unless the event is free, the service charges the event organizers a fee in return for online ticketing services.

It is a web-based event management program designed to make ticketing and registration for any sort of event as simple as possible. The platform is available to individuals, organizations, enterprises, and nearly anybody else.

Eventbrite offers:

  • Make event registration and ticketing simple
  • Promote local events with ease
  • Get paid for promoting events
  • Organize any type of event, big or small

7. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor | Alternatives to TicketingHub

Ticket Tailor is an event ticketing platform that allows businesses to easily sell tickets online for events of all sizes and sorts. Users simply sign up, add their events, and begin selling within minutes.

Event organizers may use Ticket Tailor to sell directly from their own website using widgets, or they can utilize our customized, dedicated event page.

Users may use Ticket Tailor to design custom forms to collect data from attendees, discount coupons for promotions, tracking links to identify where purchases are coming from and interact with third-party programs such as Facebook, MailChimp, and many more.

Ticket Tailor offers:

  • Quick and easy event ticketing for any business size or type
  • Sell tickets online using widgets or a customized event page
  • Collect data from attendees with custom forms
  • Interact with third-party programs to promote your events

8. BookingKit

BookingKit | TicketingHub Alternatives

BookingKit is a web-based booking and reservation management solution for leisure, activity, and tour providers.

It provides users with a variety of tools to help them better manage, advertise, and increase their reservations.

Manage all of your reservations, invoicing, and customer communications in one place. View your calendar and sync your experience availability in real-time with all enabled channels and your own website.

BookingKit offers:

  • Centralize your reservation management
  • Sync your calendar and availability in real-time
  • Get automated email and SMS notifications for reservations and cancellations
  • Improve customer service with integrated communication tools

9. Ventrata

Ventrata | TicketingHub Alternatives

Ventrata offers industry-leading software to assist tour operators and attractions in managing all of their sales channels from a single unified dashboard.

Our cloud-based system can be rapidly and simply set up with no significant upfront expenditure, and our 24/7 support will guarantee that you continue to run smoothly day and night.

Ventrata also gives comprehensive training to your whole team and migrates historical and future reservations from your previous software to guarantee you can keep in touch with your clients.

Ventrata offers:

Unified dashboard for managing all sales channels

  • Cloud-based, rapid, and easy set up with no significant upfront expenditure
  • Comprehensive training and migration of historical and future reservations
  • Guaranteed 24/7 support

10. TripWorks

TripWorks | TicketingHub Alternatives

TripWorks is a business-to-business booking platform that aims to increase corporate growth and advance booking expectations. Released in 2019, TripWorks has the newest and greatest product on the market.

It's a well-integrated marketing platform designed for the expanding tour operator. When your team begins to leverage the potential of TripWorks, you'll be well on your way to swiftly growing your business.

TripWorks offers:

  • Growth-oriented marketing platform
  • Expanding tour operator capabilities
  • Seamless and swift integrative process
  • Rapid business growth

You Need More than just a Booking Platform

TicketingHub event management software | Manage Events Easily

Well, you see, you have a lot of options when it comes to an online booking software.

But, on one hand, choosing one is more than just having 'one' to handle the backend.

Integrating with a reservation system is entering a commitment to a third party- where scalability and business growth comes.

Event Management needs more than a ticketing platform | Connect with Sales Channels | Grow Ticket Sales

So how can you make sure to choose the right one?

Here are helpful resources to help you make every successful event:

How to Choose a Tour Booking Engine for Your Local Tour Business (Part 1)

How to Choose a Tour Booking Engine for Your Local Tour Business (Part 2)

Choose One that Grows with You

Grow Ticket Sales with TicketingHub

When you run a tour company, it can be hard to keep track of bookings. At the same time, there isn't one place where you can see everything that's going on in your business at any given time.

If you don't use a reservation system for tours or activities, your customers are likely to call, email, or message you to book their tours.

This means they don't have the same information about availability and prices as someone who books through TicketingHub. If their plans change or the weather forces them to cancel their trip, they won't know how easy it is for us to reschedule or cancel their trip.

Grow Ticket Sales

Grow your customer database with no additional cost | TicketingHub

TicketingHub can help your tour business grow by giving customers an easy way to buy tickets online from anywhere in the world, but they won't have all of our great features like booking fees and commissions. In the past, we've helped a lot of businesses sell more tours than they ever have before.

So, what is the best tour operator software for your business? It depends on your needs and what you are looking for in software.

Event Tickets Selling Has Never Been Easier!

TicketingHub Alternatives | Schedule, Sell, Manage, and Market Better with TicketingHub

TicketingHub offers an all-in-one solution that can be customized according to your business requirements– something that is hard to find in the market.

  • innovative yet user-friendly platform
  • a variety of point of sale solutions fitting every ticketing and event venue
  • has the outpost app for mobile devices
  • integration with over 120 payment gateways
  • easy scheduling of tours by guests with automation tools

How about you? What are you looking for in tour operator software? Let us know in the comments below!

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